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alphaLCD (RC1)

The current release of alphaLCD is still under development. This means, that some features aren't complete yet and still under construction. The installation and use of alphaLCD is at your own risk. If you need help, found bugs or have suggestions for new features, please visit the Alphacool Help Forum. New versions, of cause, you can find here on our webside. So check back often because we will update alphaLCD frequently.

System requirements:

- Windows 2k, Windows XP, Windows 64 or Windows Vista
- 10MB free disk space
- Alphacool USB LCD-Display

If you follow this link, you will find a short introduction how to install alphaLCD and the necessary driver for the Alphacool USB display. You should take a look before you download and install alphaLCD.


View version history
Current release version 1.0.2 (RC1) - 14.03.2007 alphaLCD v1.0.2
Current test version 1.0.3 (beta) - 02.04.2007 alphaLCD v1.0.3
or just the display drivers:
Alphacool USB-Display PnP Driver (v2.1)
LCDhype Display Drivers

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